Current Members

Vassilis Saroglou

full professor, director

Research: Religion, spirituality, fundamentalism, and atheism from a personality, social, moral, and cross-cultural psychological perspective

Education: MA in theology (1988, U. Athens) and religious studies (1992, UCL), BA in philosophy (1990), BA (1992), MA (1994), and PhD (1999) in psychology, at UCLouvain

Career: UCLouvain: grad studies fellowships (1989-1995, CC-IT & Onassis Foundation), FNRS research fellow (1995-1999), FSR postdoc (1999-2001), assist prof, assoc prof, prof, and full prof (2001, 2004, 2008, 2013). Visiting scholar: College of William & Mary (2000, Fulbright), UCLille (lecturer, 1997-2004), Arizona State U (2009), and New York U (2017, sabbaticals)

See webpage or CV for Publications, expertise, distinctions, grants, and service.   Email

James Day


Research: Religious, social, and moral development; clinical psychology of religion

Education: A.B. in religious studies (1977, Oberlin College), Ed.M. in counseling & consulting psychology (1981, Harvard U), PhD in professional psychology (1987, U of  Pennsylvania), C.T.M. in theology for ministry (2000, U of Cambridge)

Academic career: assist prof (1987) and assoc prof (1989) at Boston U; assoc prof (1992) and prof (1998) at UCLouvain; adjunct prof (2000) at Univ of New Hampshire

See the webpage of Publications.     Email

Magali Clobert

postdoc, FNRS research associate

Research: Cross-cultural psychology of religion, emotions, morality, and social behavior

Education: MA in psychology (2009),  MA in Eastern studies (2010), PhD in psychology (2014): UCLouvain

Research career: FNRS research fellow (2010-2014) at UCLouvain, visiting (2011) at Nat Taiwan Univ, BAEF postdoc and postdoc research associate (2014-2017) at Stanford U., FNRS research associate (2017- ) at UCLouvain

Publications: 2019, 2019, 2017, 2017, 2016, 2016, 2016, 2015, 2015, 2015, 2014, 2013; see also Magali Clobert's CV

Awards & distinctions:  Finalist for the Triandis Dissertation Award 2014 by the Intern Assoc for Cross-Cultural Psychology; travel grants (FNRS and FSR)


Filip Uzarevic

PhD student, FNRS research fellow

Research: Psychology of unbelief and atheism; social cognition and dogmatism

Education:  BA in psychology (2009), MA in psychology (2013), U. of Zagreb; PhD in psychology, UCLouvain (2014-2019)

Research career: Erasmus research trainee (2012), JTF research fellow (2014-2015), FNRS research fellow (2015-2019) at UCLouvain; visiting scholar: Conventry University (2017), Oxford University (2019)

Publications: in press, in press, 2019, 2017, 2016a, 2016b

Conference papers: National conf Croatia 2011 & 2012, BASP 2013, IAPR 2013, 2015, 2019, CERE 2016, SPSP 2015, 2016, 2017, APS 2018, ECP 2018, ICPS 2017, 2019

Awards and distinctions: Traver award (SPSP, 2017), travel grants (FNRS, 2017, 2019)


Carlos Alcala Marcos

PhD student, UCLouvain FSR research fellow

Research: Nature's influences on morality and spirituality

Education: BA in psychology, U. of Salamanca (2014), Diploma in positive psychology, U. Jaume I (2016), MA in psychology, U of Jaén, Spain (2016), PhD in psychology, UCLouvain (2018-  )

Research career: Erasmus research trainee, KULeuven (2016), Visiting scholar, UCLouvain (2017-2018), UCLouvain FSR research fellow (2018-  )

Distinctions: Seneca scholarship, U. of Barcelona (2012-2013), Erasmus scholarship, KULeuven (2013-2014)

Conference presentations: IAPR 2019


Mohamed Ashraf Abdou

PhD student (sc. of religion), UCLouvain CAI research fellow

Research: Fundamentalism and religious dimensions across religions and cultures

Education: Degree in Islamology (2007), MA in Islamic studies (2017), U of Al-Azhar, PhD in sciences of religion-psychology, UCLouvain (2018-  )

Research career: Teaching assistant (2012-2017), Maitre-assistant (2017-2018), Islamic Studies in French, U of Al-Azhar, Caire, and member of the Al-Azhar Observatory for combating extremism (2015-  ); UCLouvain CAI research fellow (2018-  )

Conference presentations: IAPR 2019


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Current affiliates

Jean-Marie Jaspard

professor emeritus

Expertise: psychology of religion, affective and sexual education


Maria Toth-Gauthier

PhD student

Research: Moral, existential, and religious development of gifted adolescents

Publications: see James Day's webpage  



Moïse Karim

PhD student

Research: Psychology of agnosticism

Education: MA in psychology, UCL (2019), PhD in psychology (2019- )

Publications: 2020, MHRC


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Javier Tapia Valladares

PhD, afterwards professor at the University of Costa Rica

Isabelle Pichon

PhD, afterwards lecturer at the University of Reunion Island
and the Université Catholique de l'Ouest at Reunion Island

Stefania Casalfiore

Postdoc, afterwards pedagogical counselor for CFB (Namur)

Louis-Léon Chrstians

Research associate, afterwards professor at UCLouvain

Coralie Buxant

PhD, afterwards lecturer at UNamur and UCLouvain
and coordinator of First Housing Belgium

Lucia Adamovova

PhD stay, afterwards lecturer at the University of Bratislava

Sabbatical year stay, professor at the University of Granada

Rosa Scardigno

PhD stay, afterwards lecturer at the University of Molise and University of Bari

Mike Friedman

Postdoc, afterwards assistant profssor at Louvain School of Management

Ulrike Rangel

Postdoc, today at the Landesschulbeirat Baden Württemberg

PhD, afterwards statistical consultant and lecturer at UCL
Today industrial statistician at GSK

François Mathijsen

PhD, teaches at the secondary education and high school

PhD, afterwards postdoc at Univ. of North Carolina at CH
Today research professor at Duke University

Joanna Blogowska

PhD, today employee at the Polish Academy of Science

Jolanda Van der Noll

Postdoc, afterwards postdoc at the University of Hagen

Claire Prade


Csilla Deak

PhD, afterwards learning coordinator at BP

Caroline Rigo

PhD, afterwards People analytics expert at AXA Belgium

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