Vassilis Saroglou


  • full professor of psychology at UCLouvain

  • director of the Center for Psychology of Religion

  • degrees on psychology, relig. studies & philosophy

  • former president of the Int Assoc for Psych Religion

  • visiting scholar/prof at W&M, ASU, NYU


  • empirical, experimental, & meta-analytic research

  • on religion, spirituality, fundamentalism,atheism

  • within social, personality, moral, cross-cultural Ψ 

  • plus theoretical & interdisciplinary work

  • 130 publications, incl. on PSPR, PsyBull, PSPB


  • APA Div 36 Awards: Early Career, Mentoring, William James

  • IAPR Godin Prize

  • Fellow of SPSP, APS, APA

  • EAPP Mid-Career Award

  • Fulbright, WBI excellence

  • many awards to PhDs

  • grants, national and int'l agencies (> 2.5m)


  • supervision of 20 PhDs & postdocs, > 70 master's

  • former co-editor of IJPR, guest editor of JCCP, COP

  • reviewer: journals (90), fund. agencies (USA, CA, EU nations), int publishers

  • at UCL, president of: School of psychology, doct comm. relig. sciences

Contact: (pref.)

Prof. Vassilis Saroglou
UCLouvain, Dept. of Psychology
Place du Cardinal Mercier 10
B 1348 Louvain-la Neuve, Belgium

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