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February 22, 2023


APA Convention, Div 36 Program

See 2023

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August 21-24, 2023


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International Association
for the Psychology of Religion

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Society for the Psychology of Religion & Spirituality - APA Div 36

2022  Lab seminars

On a monthly basis

2022 Lab members' Conference talks

April 20

Computational Political Psychology Network
V. Saroglou, webinar

April 29

APA Division 36-Mid year Conference (online)
M. Karim, paper

May 26-29

APS-Association for Psychological Science Convention, Chicago, IL, USA

V. Saroglou, symposium (chair) and paper

June 2-3

BAPS-Belgian Association for Psychological Science Annual Meeting, Leuven, Belgium

M. Karim, poster
V. Cubbedu, paper
V. Saroglou, symposium

July 12-15

ECP-European Conference on Personality
Madrid, Spain

M. Karim, paper
V. Saroglou, paper

2021  Lab seminars

temporarily suspended due to the pandemic

2021  Lab members' Conference talks

May 4

Aix-Marseille University, Dept. of social psychology
V. Saroglou, webinar

July 19-24

International Congress of Psychology, Prague, Czech Republic (virtual)

V. Saroglou, keynote
M. Abdou, paper

August 12

University of Indonesia, Faculty of Psychology, Indonesia

V. Saroglou, webinar

August 30 - September 2

European Academy of Religion Conference, Münster, Germany

V. Saroglou, keynote

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