4Bs across cultures

In a 14-country study, we found that the 4Bs (believing, bonding, behaving, belonging) are interrelated but distinct psychological dimensions of religion across all major world religions and show cultural variability in their hierarchy.

The Centre for Psychology of Religion at the UCLouvain, Dept. of Psychology (IPSY Institute), has as objective to study, from a psychological perspective (concepts, theories and methods), religion and religious phenomena as well as to promote interdisciplinarity between psychology and the human and social sciences of religion. Founded in 1961 and directed by Antoine Vergote (1961-1987) and Jean-Marie Jaspard (1977-2001), the Centre has been directed since 2001 by Vassilis Saroglou. The research carried out in the Centre covers five main areas:

  • personality and social psychology of religion

  • cross-cultural psychology of religion

  • psychology of religious development

  • clinical and health psychology of religion

  • interdisciplinarity with other sciences of religion (coll. w. RSCS Instiute)


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Center for Psychology of Religion

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